The fearlessfemininefounders’s Podcast

Fearless Feminine Founder, Yogita Ridgley

March 13, 2020

Yogita Ridgley on the benefits of solo travel for women in self-discovery. Yogita Ridgley is a leading mindset mentor and coach, author, speaker and change-maker who is empowering women to use solo travel as a means of self-discovery. After living her younger years being labelled ‘stupid’ due to undiagnosed dyslexia, the name used to describe issues with reading writing and spelling, Yogita was left feeling worthless. She spent years plagued with low self-esteem, but Yogita’s journey from low self-esteem to clarity started when she took off on a solo trip to London to run away from her life but discovered all the strength she needed to live the life of her dreams was already within her. Yogita now writes, speaks and teaches from her own life experiences and hopes to empower other women to use solo travel to illuminate their own path to self-discovery and true potential — just like she did.

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